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We share challenges and inspirations of our game art outsourcing studio, and try our best to be helpful for fellow artists and game developers.

That's it! We hope you have enjoyed browsing among the blog posts, getting inspired by the games and and sharing our experience as a game art studio. The ultimate goal of this blog is not only to share the excitement that our journey brings us, but to find an optimal solutions to help the other game developers to fully utilize all the opportunities that working with an outsourcing studio can grant. Be it 2D art production, animation or motion design, 3D modeling (both high-poly and low-poly) for mobile or PC games, there are always a hidden obstacles to keep in mind. They are: insufficient research and development that results in beginning the project without the full understanding of all the production nuances, mutually agreed-upon workflow, adjustments, and other vital details.

Good luck and let's conquer the World, dear game developers and treasured colleagues in art outsource companies!

Yours truly, RocketBrush Studio Team.