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Our game art studio creates 2D and 3D graphics for mobile game developers – character art, spine animation, slot symbols, concept art, pixel art, environment and UI design. We strive to be the best game art outsourcing studio in the industry and proud to have verifiable feedback from the notable game developers with a proven track record.

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2D & 3D Art for Mobile Games

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Mobile Game Art Outsourcing:
2D Characters & 3D Render

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Slot Symbols and 2D Spine Animation

Slot Symbols, Slot Game, Game Art Outsourcing, 2D Slot Symbols, Spine Animation, Spine, Fruit Machines, Slot Games Android
Slot Symbols, Slot Game, Game Art Outsourcing, 2D Slot Symbols, Spine Animation, Spine, Fruit Machines, Slot Games Android
Slot Symbols, Slot Game, Game Art Outsourcing, 2D Slot Symbols, Spine Animation, Spine, Fruit Machines, Slot Games Android
Slot Symbols, Slot Game, Game Art Outsourcing, 2D Slot Symbols, Spine Animation, Spine, Fruit Machines, Slot Games Android
Slot Symbols, Slot Game, Game Art Outsourcing, 2D Slot Symbols, Spine Animation, Spine, Fruit Machines, Slot Games Android


Our Pixel Art Rogue-Lite Game in Development
The Unliving is a rogue-lite action RPG where you play as a fearsome Necromancer. Lead your armies of the undead into the endless fight, burn cities to ashes with numerous magic spells, defeat epic bosses and subjugate unique creatures to your will. Unravel all the dark mysteries of this world!

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We would love to help you with
2D Art & Spine Animation
Your game will be provided with a high-quality art outsourcing services: 2D game art in any style, realistic animation, eye-catching VFX and marketing materials (including video)
3D Modeling & Animation
From concept art design to 3D modeling, rigging, animation and rendering. Outsource your game art project including character art, props, visual effects and get them exported or pre-rendered as needed
UI / UX Design for Games
Vibrant and functional interfaces from idea to the last icon with attention to user experience and technical requirements. Outsourcing UI / UX design for your game in our studio is a cost-efficient solution.
Integration & Testing
As a full-cycle game art outsourcing studio we prepare assets, import them into your game engine and deliver in a format of your choice; performing quality assurance and usability testing.

❤ Testimonials

Check what other game developers say about working with RocketBrush Studio
Paradox Interactive
A Thinking Ape
Uken Games
Megarama Games
I approached RocketBrush Studio while looking for some high-quality motion comics. They were one of many teams pitching on this project, which had incredibly challenging time-constraints. The response time of RocketBrush Studio was very fast and always within 24 hours. Not only did the team quickly put a concept together that we liked, but they also created an entire plan around the schedule with detailed options for how the project could be managed. Pricing was very reasonable as well. RocketBrush Studio were very clear about what resources they needed and what was not realistic. This stands in big contrast to many of the other freelancers we had worked with. It is not uncommon to have a team say "yes" to everything, ending up overpromising and underdelivering. If you are looking for a skilled team with really good, direct communication, I recommend reaching out to RocketBrush Studio!
Manuel Langegger
We have been working with RocketBrush Studio on two projects, and are happy with the quality of their work so far. Our projects required both careful attention to details and strict adherence to the requirements outlined in the art guide. The studio has completed the work within the agreed deadlines and provided us with the deliverables fully corresponding with the guidelines. Overall, RocketBrush studio has a professional team of artists, qualified project managers and insightful art direction that ensure the highest quality of the created art and full compliance with our key requirements.
Philipp Glietsch
Art Producer, Paradox Interactive
Over the past 3 years, RocketBrush has become a go-to resource for all things creative. They are extremely talented, driven, and provide competitive pricing, but what really separates them from other agencies is their dedication and flexibility. Rocketbrush started working on the product side for one of our games but has since branched out into marketing and creating assets for our newest 3D title. Working with a studio like them has enabled us to increase production without a drop-off in quality, which at the end of the day is very difficult to find. Highly recommended!
Aeron Kawakami
UA Manager, A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
We've been working with RocketBrush Studio since July 2019 and we hope to continue working with this outsourcing team on our future projects. They have been providing us with the key art for our games, which we are fully satisfied with. We have been regularly exchanging feedback with the Studio, to keep further improving the quality of assets, achieving the best results for our project. Having a reliable art outsourcing partner in RocketBrush Studio has been definitely a win for our production needs.
Ze Moreira
Producer, Uken Games
RocketBrush are a super professional game art agency. They provide A+ quality character design and any game asset art needed. They are truly leaders in their field!
David Janner
Founder & CEO, Megarama Games Ltd

Why Choose Our Game Art Outsourcing Studio?

With RocketBrush Studio you receive top art outsourcing services that enhance your game development process
We specialize in mobile and free-to-play games

Our art outsourcing experience includes maintaining large-scale mobile games of 1+ million installs, including slots and free-to-play projects. Our pipeline allows us to provide your game with a constant flow of assets.
Cost-effective solutions to save your money

We fit our game art production process into your pipeline and art style; offer cost-effective solutions allowing continuous delivery while meeting deadlines. Our goal is to deliver you high-quality art that will boost your game sales.
A lot of free adjustments until you are happy

You approve all the iterations of the work and can request multiple free adjustments within the project brief. You can be sure that your game project is always done according to your feedback and recommendations.
Instant communication and updates

You receive constant status updates and always know what we are working on. We never disappear and don't fail deadlines. We care for your happiness and strive to be very professional in our work.

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