January 18, 2024

This is the example of key information needed to make a quote for 2D game art project in our outsourcing studio. Information below is for your reference only.

General game info

Unannounced Slot Game with usual mechanics for digital slot machines and online casinos. Platforms: Mobile (iOS and Android)

Key features

The player can make spins, earn rewards and buy coins needed for more spins. There are themes for each level, mostly focused on ancient civilizations: Greece, Rome, Egypt etc. Each level has a leading character that interacts with the players by suggesting gameplay hints and encouraging them to play more.

The overall atmosphere of the game

Playful and encouraging rather than dark and serious.


The soft-launch is expected by the end of December, therefore we need at least 75% of the assets delivered before December 1.

The list of the assets

The list of the assets

References: art style

We'd like you to use the images below as the main visual references of a targeted art style

Visual references

References: animation

Level of detail

Use the arts above as a reference for the overall level of detail.

Project workflow standarts

During the production stage we need you to show us every image as a rough sketch with the overall idea and shapes in the first place. After we approve it you can proceed finalizing the image.

Export requirements

We need all images to be presented in PSD with the layers carefully separated and arranged into groups for animation purposes, all body parts should be painted even where they cover each other. All layer groups should have names and be easy for our developers to navigate among them. 2D animations are expected to be done in Spine and presented separately in JSON+Atlas format with the expected size of animated symbol atlas of 250x250px.

And don’t forget that

We also have an in-depth checklist for 3D Game Art Production in case you need some high-quality modeling or animation for your game!

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