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As a game developer, you get to enhance your development process by allocating your art creation work to an experienced game art outsourcing team that can adopt your visual style and deliver top-notch graphic assets for your project. Meanwhile, your in-house team of artists is free to focus on the other areas of the art production.
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So what do you get by working with our game art outsourcing studio?

Total Dedication to Your Needs
First of all, you should know that our main focus is your full satisfaction as a customer. We understand that considering the work with an outsourced team can be stressful, especially if it's a relatively new field for your company. There are a lot of game art outsourcing studios out there and it can be a challenging task to choose the team who will become a reliable art production partner for your company.
Rest assured that we have worked with Supercell, A Thinking Ape, Megarama Games and many other leading game developers on the mobile market and can be proud of having an impeccable record and verifiable feedback from all our customers and veterans of the game industry.
RocketBrush Studio Showreel – all works and assets presented in this video were created on outsourcing for the other game developers.
Game Animation 2D in Spine & AfterEffects – RocketBrush Studio Demo Reel
Honed Art Production Pipeline
Our game art production pipeline is constantly being upgraded and honed in order to correspond to the highest standard of quality anticipated from EU / US game developers. As a game art outsourcing studio we put our highest priority to the listening and hearing what you want to say, putting an emphasis on your visual concept, existing graphic art and game environment in order to deliver exactly what you need. Working with us you get a dedicated project manager and art director who oversees the process and ensures that our artists stick to the technical brief and agreed requirements.
Sane and Reasonable Rates
We are aware that some specific game art outsourcing studios use to severely underbid in order to get the project. There are certain benefits in working with a studio like this, even though it can save on the quality or fail the deadlines resulting in this approach. In RocketBrush Studio we believe in mutually beneficial collaboration. We offer sane rates that are average for the Eastern Europe and Russia region while keeping the highest possible standard of quality adopted in North American studios. We constantly invest in our artists and encourage them to upgrade their skills and competencies.
Game Cinematic Trailers and Motion Graphics by RocketBrush Studio
2D Game Characters for Mobile, Game Items and Icons by RocketBrush Studio
Instant Updates & Communication
We highly respect the agreed upon conditions when starting the new project. We never fail the deadlines and provide constant status updates so that you always know what we are doing and what milestone we are about to complete.
You don't need to worry about us having any sudden circumstances which compromising the project. We value your trust most of all and compromising it by any means is one of our greatest fears. We take multiple precautions in order to maintain our workflow ongoing no matter what.

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