Preparing for a New Art Outsourcing Project

April 17, 2020

How to make your first project with an external art production studio to go smooth? Let's take a look at the key moments to consider before you begin.

Don't skip the research and development stage

There is nothing better than receiving an informative project brief addressing every key requirement for the art. We had a huge success with the projects that were based on deliberately created brief with all key technical requirements and visual references. To cut it short: the more time you invest in preparing your project brief – the faster the estimation process will go.

Know what you are looking for

Buying a game art is almost like buying a car – you have to understand its application, goals, and nuances before spending your money on it. There are lots of models and styles, so don't hesitate to ask the professional game artist to help you out with this task. The chosen style can fit your game better, while the other can be cheaper and easier to implement. It is all about understanding what is better for your project. Still in doubt? Ask us to help you out!

What factors affect the price of game art?

Well, the general rule of thumb here is "More details → more work → higher cost". So the art with a lot of detail and high quality is gonna cost more than just something average. It is easy to overestimate your resources here, so before you decide to stretch your budget, better ask – do you really need that super high level of detail and quality that requires tons of polishing? There are always compromises, especially if you are developing a mobile game. Smaller screens of mobile devices leave us some space to maneuver when it comes to the quality of the game art.

What is the key information needed for the estimate?

It is always about the scope of work, resolution and export format. But what is even more important for us are relevant visual references. Don't write in the long description of the game story or lore – we don't need that at the moment. Instead, dedicate more time to searching the visual references of what you think is the targeted image you expect to get. If there are no existing graphics in your game just yet, use the screenshots of the similar styled project as the examples. A lot depends on how precise you can outline and illustrate your needs to your game art studio. Our approach to estimating game art projects can be found here.

Be honest with your contractor

When starting a new project with an external production team It's okay if you cannot afford to pay the price that came out in the result of the estimation. But if you weren't going to hire paid work anyway, it is better to let your contractor know this right from the very beginning. We will understand this and do our best to recommend an optimal solution in the current situation.

That's it! We hope this post will help to emphasize how important is the proper preparation for the project and how beneficial it can be for the client. It's a fact that thorough pre-production saves time and money, while the rushed-up start brings only problems and delays in the long run.

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