A Statement Regarding Goldminer Games

December 6, 2021

We learned that a crypto/NFT project called GoldMiner uses the art and animation that we made for the TreasureLand project back in 2018 to promote themselves and attract investments. They actively using TreasureLand art and animation but with a changed name to GoldMiner on their website and Twitter.

Gold miner at work in a deep underground mine.
Gold miner character in a mine shaft from the Goldminer game.
Art from TheTreasureLand trailer RocketBrush studio made back in 2018

Gold Miner game promotional image with cartoon style graphics.
Twitter post by the Goldminer.Games promoting their project

Our statement

RocketBrush Studio does not have any relationship neither with Goldminer Project nor with the crypto area in general. We do not claim to have the copyright for the art, however we can't be associated with this project as we have never worked for, or had any relationship with GoldMiner.

While we delivered way more art assets for the TreasureLand project than were publicly displayed in our portfolio, the Goldminer team seems to have used only assets that were publicly displayed. This eliminates an assumption that the original TreasureLand team could've sold the art or joined Goldminer team.

Links to original content

Original trailer and art made by our studio for the TreasureLand projeect comissioned by Mango Coinz Inc.:


Points of concern

On the first glance, GoldMiner project doesn't have a working game beyond what is declared on their website - www.goldminer.game - at least just yet. Neither we were able to pinpoint the actual people standing behind this project besides the stylized pictures of the alleged team members on the abovementioned website.

Goldminer games - non verifiable owners

Final thoughts

Everyone who is on to investing in any crypto projects these days should carefully check the credentials of the project management and undertake proper due diligence before giving away their hard-earned money to third parties.

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