Is Maya Better than Blender? What to Choose in 2022

February 4, 2022
Is Maya Better than Blender? What to Choose in 2022

3D artists tend to choose between Maya or Blender to decide what is better to utilize to achieve needed results. Although both Blender and Maya are extremely good , there are differences between them especially in the latest updates of 2022. So, when it comes to answering the question is Blender better than Maya, choosing between them can be pretty challenging, especially for beginners. To aid this decision, we’ll discuss a bit about both solutions and overview their updates in 2022.

What is Better Maya or Blender?

Blender Overview

Blender is a free computer graphic tool widely appropriate for digitally modeling objects, scenarios, and all types of artistic creations. The open-source software has a huge community and is a suitable tool for professionals, beginners, and even casual artists.

Among its many uses, one can take advantage of Blender for, but not only:

  • Sculpting
  • Animating
  • Simulating
  • Shading
  • Rendering

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into Blender’s modeling technology.

At first glance, Blender can be pretty intimidating for most beginners since it presents a vast array of commands and parameters splattered across the workstation. However, when explicitly discussing modeling, Blender for game development emerges as one of the best tools for said purpose.

Is Maya better than Blender? In terms of easy-to-learn modeling and a better beginner workflow, Blender takes the pie. The software displays a friendly workstation that fits all kinds of users.

Now, one of the most exciting modeling tools available in Blender is its “Modifiers.”

Blender Modifiers

In Blender game development, Modifiers will affect an asset’s display without causing any shape degradation on its base geometry. In this sense, implementing visual effects on the asset won’t require too much manual labor, resulting in a quicker process. The modifier stack will present helpful options to choose from when selecting a modifier.

When picking one of the alternatives, the asset you’re modeling will show a different display and render but no geometrical loss. Of course, you can select many, which will fill the stack in order. However, in modifiers, there are still tools that can alter the entire shape of an asset, which are called “Generate.” These can add or remove geometrical information. In addition, a different tool, “Deform,” can mess with the shape of the asset without affecting its number of vertices, edges, and faces.

Now, straying a bit further from only modeling, let’s talk briefly about Blender’s updates and what does the famous software looks like in 2022.

Blender 2022 Updates

The most recent version of the software, Blender 3.0, brought many facilitating tools and huge newer features. For instance, one of the most valuable upgrades was on their cycles tool, now upgraded to Cycles X. Still, the more recent version brought massive enhancements on the knife tool changes, animation changes, and shadow rendering, among others.

The new Cycles X brings considerable performance enhancement to scenes, making improvements, especially in rendering time. For example, many users discuss their experiences, with some pointing out that their project, which typically renders in 55 minutes, is now rendering with 3.5 minutes using Cycles x.

Now, Blender 3.0 goes a bit further in terms of improvements. For instance, although the software still looks complex when you first hop into the workstation, the company did some significant UX/UI design changes, which is a pretty good leap.

Besides, many companies don’t even attempt to improve their user experience regarding their software, making Blender’s case stand out. However, not everything is a stroll on the park, and many users came with complaints about Render’s drop of OpenCL support. Still, previous versions such as Blender 2.9 and below works with OpenCL fine, and you can download them separately.

Blender – Pros and Cons for a 3D artist


  • Free
  • Constant Updates
  • Big Open-Source Community
  • Easier to Learn


  • Somewhat Challenging User Experience
  • Low Animation Performance
  • Might be not the best tool to work on textures compared to Substance family just yet

The best part of Blender is that it’s a passion-focused software that doesn’t require any form of payment for users to begin using it. Now, let’s briefly open the discussion for Maya, a potent software that many AAA companies use professionally.

Maya Overview

Autodesk Maya is a paid software for creating 3d animations, modeling, and special effects, which is vastly present in most cinema, TV, and game productions. It covers all grounds for artwork and animation, which is why it’s so predominant in professional environments.

Maya allows for, but not only:

  • Dynamics and Effects
  • Rigging
  • 3D Rendering and Shading
  • Motion Graphics
  • Pipeline Integration

Now, getting into the specifics of Maya’s modeling capabilities, let’s dive a bit further into how it effectively works. Like Blender, Maya’s modeling has its own exclusive tools and diverse segments that aim to facilitate or expand the modeling experience. So, iIs Maya better than Blender? In terms of easiness to work with the software’s workstation, it offers a more challenging experience. Still, this is undoubtedly due to Maya’s focus on serving professional, market-focused productions. Still, let’s discuss Maya’s Polygon and UV modeling.

Polygon Modeling

Maya’s polygon technology allows for various creative decisions and has tools for two-manifold and non-manifold polygonal geometry, non-planar polygons, retopology, polygon coloring, and polygonal modeling reference. Simply selecting polygonal objects will provide modification tools and commands.

NURBS Modeling

In Maya, the NURBS form of modeling bases itself on geometric primitives and drawn curves. So, cubes, spheres, and cones are available as starting points to the asset you’ll work with. Yet, you’re able to trim their forms, sculpt them, stitch, and draw curves.


Maya sculpting tools are suitable for editing meshes in alternative ways. Moreover, they are best suited for modifying the topology of semi-organic objects, such as a vehicle chassis. But somewhat challenging for total organic modeling. Sculpting in Maya is relatively straightforward; make sure to keep a smoothed version of your object and an unsmoothed backup hidden at the scene. In addition, the sculpting shelf has intuitive tools to test and note how well they work on distinct subdivision levels.

MAYA 2022 Updates Overview

The latest Maya update, MAYA 2022.1, comes with various features and implementations that range from simple stuff to more complex tools. For instance, one treasured addition to the program is the search feature.

The updates also include various guides that teach beginners and intermediates how to access and use specific tools of the workstation. In addition, the update counts on many bug fixes. Of course, the update went on to the most recent versions, such as the 2022.2 and 2022.3, which followed up with better control for models, improved USD, amplified rendering, rigging enhancements, substance support, and bit frost updates.

Regarding modeling updates, the Maya 2022.3 version brought better model control, which added Make Live support to relax, smear, pinch, grab, and smooth tools. Additionally, the update allows users to use an extra surface as a constraint while sculpting. The recently released multi-cut tool brings percentage information while users create whole edge loop cuts, providing more precise lacerations on assets.

Maya – Pros and Cons for a 3D game artist


  • Industry Standard (including AAA game development studios)
  • Better Animations
  • Somewhat solid User Experience
  • Top-notch Sculpting


  • Expensive for a solo 3D game artist (although there is a 30-day trial)
  • Challenging to Learn
  • Fewer Updates

Blender 3D vs Maya: Which One Is Better in 2022?

After all, in a face-to-face collision Blender vs Maya everyone decides for themselves as both solutions offer amazing tools for a 3D artist.

One can agree that unique points appear both in Blender and Maya between the two software. However, various animators and graphic designers state that Maya is better suitable for industry standards if you’re aiming to slip into the market. Of course, Blender is considerably at the top of its game, quickly reaching the pro-level status. But, the software still lacks a bit concerning animation tools. Is Blender good for 3D modeling? Many experienced users state that Blender exceeds Maya when it comes to sculpting tools and achieves the same level of quality concerning 3d modeling.

Is Maya better than Blender? Considering that Blender is free software, its place on the podium goes incredibly higher. But unfortunately, Blender isn’t vastly used in professional productions, and the lack of knowledge in other workstations can negatively impact a Blender animator. Maya, on the other hand, is considerably better at creating animations and is a go-to service for almost every professional studio. So, prioritizing this software instead of Blender might be a suitable decision if your goal is to work professionally in this field or have more employment options in a large game development companies that focus on AAA projects. In this sense, Blender is a reliable software but might fit better for 3D artists that just enter game industry or want to focus more on a smaller projects such as mobile or casual games.

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