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Pixel Art Game Design – RocketBrush Studio
RocketBrush Studio is a full-cycle game art outsourcing company. We create high-quality Pixel Art, Pixel Graphics, Characters and Art Assets for pixel-art game developers. Push forward your game development by outsourcing us your art production and get top-notch pixelart assets for your premium project.

Pixel Art for Games
Outsourcing Services

Pixel art design and characters for your game
Pixel Art Characters
Our studio offers high-quality pixel art characters design for your game. We have experienced pixel artists in our team.
Pixel Art Environment
Enhance your game visuals with a signature pixel art environment design by RocketBrush Studio.
Level Design in Pixel Art
Draw attention to your game by ordering eye-catching pixel art levels and locations in our studio.
We would also love to help you with the following services
2D Art & Animation
Your game will be provided with everything needed: top-notch game art in any style, realistic animation, eye-catching VFX and marketing materials (including video)
3D Art & Animation
From concept art services to 3D modeling, rigging, animation and rendering. Characters, props, visual effects - exported or pre-rendered
UI Design
Vibrant and functional interfaces from idea to the last icon with attention to user experience and technical requirements
Integration & Testing
We prepare assets, import them into your game engine and deliver in a format of your choice; perform quality assurance and usability testing

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